Our Partners

World Wide Sires – Genetics:

Since 2018, Maxim has been the exclusive distributor in Kenya, of the world’s largest genetics company: World Wide Sires (WWS). The leading exporter of US livestock semen, WWS boasts 2600 pedigree bulls on its roster, the largest count in the world.

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Maxim has exclusive distribution of Nusana, which is the world’s best livestock feed producer. Our strong distribution network and technical know-how makes us uniquely qualified to represent Nusana on national scale. Maxim offers Nusana’s feed additives and supplements imported that are being used at some of the largest farms in Kenya.

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In 2019 Maxim signed an agreement with Oncel, a company based in Turkey, for Milking Machines. Milking machine construction and performances may be directly related to the milking ability of animals in order to milk quickly, completely and gently, to maintain healthy udders and to produce milk with a high quality level.

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